Why shop at home


How shop at home works

Step 1: Browse our catalog
Check out our online catalog to find the products, designs, and materials you like.

Step 2: Schedule an appointment
Schedule an appointment with us and let us know the flooring options you’d like to see.

Step 3: The store comes to you
Our mobile showroom, stocked with hundreds of flooring options, including your chosen options, comes to you.

Why shop at home?

It’s hassle-free
No long lines, no driving & parking struggles, and definitely no confusion whether your choices complement your décor. Shop at your own pace, match the flooring options with your interiors, and find the perfect products.

It’s fully personalized
Take advantage of our flooring specialist’s complete attention and discuss your requirements in-depth. Get a bespoke flooring solution that’s uniquely tailored to your style, function, and statement.

It’s accurate
Ever tried something in the store only to realize that it was a bad decision after you reach home? Designs that look magnificent in the store ambiance may or may not complement your home décor. So, stop visualizing. Request samples and see how good they look against your home décor. Be sure.

It’s everything you need
Wish to browse hundreds of options? We’ll bring them to you. Want to check any specific samples? Sure. Want to discuss your project from start to finish? Done. From designs to materials to installation, our flooring specialist will bring you everything you need, right to you.



We're here to help

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Enjoy complete control over the budget, planning, and service

Our flooring specialists complement your shop-at-home experience with complete project planning, so that you don’t have to do anything else. Just sit back and watch your dream floor take shape.

The best part? It’s a no-obligation visit
We offer shop-at-home convenience to transform your shopping experience into a regret-less, worry-free, and delightful activity. If you don’t wish to proceed with the purchase or installation, there are no charges involved. No consultation fees; no purchase or installation commitments; no hassles, whatsoever.

Experience the future of home décor shopping

  • Inspection
    They’ll take precise measurements of the rooms for which you need flooring.

  • Materials
    They’ll suggest you the best materials and products for every space.

  • Designs
    They’ll recommend the best designs that complement your interiors and your personal style.

  • Special needs
    They’ll identify closets, stairs, angled walls, and unique spaces that require special attention.

  • All-inclusive estimates
    They’ll come up with an all-inclusive estimate that covers both materials and installation.

  • And, it’s free
    The consultation, browsing the samples, the estimate, and the home visit are all free.