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Partner with King's Floor Covering Inc in Fayetteville, AR area


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Partner with King's Floor Covering

Offer your customers a memorable experience and outstanding results by leveraging our decades' worth of experience, a large selection of products, and unrivaled customer service. Set a high bar for your customer service, win loyal customers for life, and fuel your rapid growth riding on the trust, dependability, and uncompromising standards of excellence that we bring to each project.

Wholesale discounts

All partners will be set up on our wholesale price list. Enjoy pricing below retail value on all products and materials, including promotional items from manufacturers.


Pick out a variety of carpet and/or hard surface flooring that fits the specifications you are looking for and we will keep them stocked in our warehouse indefinitely. This cuts the product lead time and makes you a first priority in time sensitive installations.

Largest selection

You will have private access to our 6,000 sq./ft. showroom where you can bring in clients and look through the largest selection in the area.


Taking home samples are great but it doesn't give you the confidence of seeing your selected product installed. Get rid of all hesitation with our room visualizer. You can visualize all of our products installed in your clients home by uploading a photo or by choosing a room scene. You can save projects and access our room visualizer or products page from the comfort of your home.

On-site delivery

King's will house & deliver all products to the job site for time saving convenience.

Expert advice

Our staff will be here to assist and answer all technical & creative questions in order to help fulfill the intended vision.

FAQs - What do you seek in your partners?

How can you help my customers choose the right products?

Our flooring experts routinely work homeowners, contractors, and commercial customers from several locations across Northwest Arkansas. Naturally, they understand the unique needs, aesthetic sensibilities, service expectations, and functional benefits demanded by customers from various locations in the region. Their shared expertise helps your clients find the right products effortlessly with little hassles. Most importantly, we offer unbiased product recommendations to help your customers make the right choice. We are not affiliated with any manufacturer.

Which manufacturer's products do you stock?

We source our products from over 70 different manufacturers across the US and beyond. However, if you need us to source any specific product from any specific manufacturer, who is not in our sourcing list, we can do that too. What's more, we'll stock the products you need indefinitely.

Do you offer discounts to your partners?

We'll offer you prices that are much better than mere discounted prices. As one of the largest flooring solutions providers in the country, we exercise tremendous buying power that allows us to source products at very low prices, which would be impossible for independent contractors. Secondly, we offer all our products to our partners at wholesale prices. Take advantage of our buying power and wholesale pricing to get products at unbeatable prices for your customers.

How does partnering with you help me grow my business?

King's Floor Covering brings single source accountability and centralized document management to your business. We keep a record of al the estimates, invoices, purchase history, and other documentation associated with you and your customers. We also offer them seamless customer support and guide them in claiming warranties with the respective manufacturer. From products to installation to maintenance, we are a one-stop-solution for everything you and your customers need. In short, we take care of all “small things”, so that you can focus on growing your business instead.

What do you seek in your partners?

We need our partners to be experienced in residential or commercial flooring, and most importantly, be motivated. Essentially, we are looking for contractors, architects, interior designers, real estate developers, and other businesses that are driven by a singular vision to deliver excellence to their customers. Because, that's precisely what we offer you.

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