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You expect outstanding basement flooring and designs for your home; that is precisely what you get with King's Floor Covering. No surprises, whatsoever.

Basement Flooring

Bespoke, Functional, Stylish

Kings Floor Covering Basement Flooring  Urban Square-Olmsted Oak

Plan to use your basement as an extension of the living room? Maybe turn it into a home office? Perhaps, it’s the man-cave you’ve always wanted so much?

Whatever your vision for your basement, we have the right flooring solution for it. Our flooring solutions can turn it into a warm cozy place, a style statement, or an all-purpose room where you can build DIY projects and experiment with your gadgets.

Your basement is an unusual challenge. The floor is just concrete in most cases, which becomes a conduit for moisture, cold, and other elements that make it an unlivable space.

A unique set of challenges that demands an equally unique solution

  • Dampness
  • Mold
  • Cold
  • Humidity
  • Loss of cooling or heating
  • Style

A fully tailored basement flooring solution

You need a flooring solution that can battle the elements effectively and create a warm, dry, and pleasant space for you. Our flooring solutions achieve all your functional objectives while creating a wonderfully stylish and modern-looking basement floor for you. Above all, our handpicked and flawlessly installed basement flooring solutions can take everything you throw at them.

  • Insulating
  • Waterproofing
  • Low-maintenance

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