Living room flooring


Gorgeous, comfortable, easy care

Ride the latest trends, go classic, embrace the tranquility of rustic designs, or experiment with something totally new and fresh, or just let us awe you with our recommendations. King’s Floor Covering has been delighting Northwest Arkansas homeowners with stunning, functional, and skillfully installed living room carpets, fireplace stones, and flooring solutions for over 25 years.

Our creative designs are masters of their craft and will combine your needs, desires, and budget into a brilliant solution that exceeds your expectations, impresses your guests, and elevates your lifestyle – all within your budget. Our solutions complement your interior décor, offer a deeply relaxing feel, and highlight your elegant taste.

No challenge is too big for us

  • High foot-traffic
  • Lazy Sundays spent lying on floor
  • Energetic and playful kids or pets
  • Spills & splashes from sports parties
  • Dust, dirt, and more
  • Colorful vs elegant designs



We're here to help

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For every challenge you bring, we offer a sublime flooring solution

Whether you use your living room for formal events, casual engagements, entertainment, family fun, or other purposes, we will help you create an ideal living room. We even offer kid-friendly and hypoallergenic options that create a healthy environment for your kids and pets. Choose from our thousands of carpet and flooring designs that make your living room dream come true. Browser your fireplace tile designs and materials to create a bespoke solution that complements your living room décor, and transforms your fireplace into a stunning work of art.

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Beautiful
  • Kids and pet-friendly
  • Ease care
  • Diverse designs