Home office flooring


Peaceful, distraction-free, durable

Explore the full range of home office flooring solutions from King’s Floor Covering to create the precise appeal, feel, and function you need for your work center.

Our creative designers will masterfully craft the perfect flooring solution that creates a tranquil atmosphere to improve your focus, remove any distracting designs or colors, and maximize your productivity. Planning to entertain clients or guests? We’ll come up with a flooring solution that makes an outstanding first impression.

Whether you are creating a peaceful home office, a place for the kids to work on school projects, a dedicated area for your side hustle, or a multi-purpose room for all of them, get a tailormade flooring solution within your budget.

A unique set of challenges

  • Distractions
  • Dust
  • Disturbance / interruptions
  • Chilly winters
  • Wear from furniture
  • Extensive cabling



We're here to help

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Ingenious solutions to tackle every challenge

Our flooring experts skillfully overcome every flooring challenge you throw at them. False flooring for cabling, warm carpets for a cozy feel, hardwood floors for a plush look – tell us what you love, and we’ll make it happen.

  • Quiet steps
  • Warm carpets & flooring options
  • Protective rugs
  • Easy care solutions
  • Vibrant designs for reception areas
  • Durable products