Guide to carpet textures

Guide to carpet textures
We hope this guide simplifies matters for you because you'll see hundreds of samples when you come into our carpet store. However, keep in mind that not all styles work in all installation projects, so pay close attention to your needs, guaranteeing that you'll have a durable, beautiful, and well-performing rug.

What is Saxony?

This is what most people think of when they hear the word “carpeting." This is a cut-pile, available in two versions, Saxony Straight (or Velvet), a plush texture, with densely packed fib fibers cut to a flat, even pile height. The fibers all go in the same direction, creating a reflective quality that will show footprints or vacuum markings.

The other version, Saxony Textured (or "Trackless"), has uneven piles, going in all directions; this doesn't show markings; hence, the name "Trackless" is ideal for busy homes. Finally, Saxony Straight is best for lower traffic rooms, such as living rooms used infrequently, only to entertain guests.

Frieze: Great for family rooms

This rug has long-ish yarns that are twisted so tightly they curl, giving this floor covering a sort of messy, casual look. Frieze carpets are highly durable and relatively easy to clean.

Looped styles

All carpets begin as loops, attached to the backing much like a needlepoint action. They either remain that way or are later cut into yarns of various heights. Two looped patterns are the Level Loop, which is tight and less soft and won't show any prints ormarkings, making it great for high-traffic areas.

Berber styles have thicker yarns, larger loops, and distinctive coloring with flecks of brown and gray. This highly stylish rug is durable and, because of the color, hides dirt well. Looped constructions tend to be more durable.

Cut and loop: exactly as it sounds

With this style, the height variations create patterns, such as pin-dot or geometrics.

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