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Blog > Three tips for choosing carpet flooring colors

Three tips for choosing carpet flooring colors

Monday, February 21, 2022 1:18 AM

Choose the proper dark, light, or neutral carpet color, and you'll elevate the other interior design elements. But, of course, you want to be sure to choose a color that works well with your lifestyle, so the carpet has a long lifespan.

King's Floor Covering, a carpet store in Fayetteville, AR, can help you ‘navigate’ the versatile ‘carpet world.’

1. Dark colors aren't your only choice for high-traffic areas.

You don't need to settle for dark-colored carpeting to hide dirt in the well-used spaces of your home. Berber carpet, named after the North African Berber tribe that perfected the style, often has a beige background with dark brown and gray flecks.

Stain- and abrasion-resistant Berber floor covering constructed with durable triexta or nylon fibers will serve you well.

2. If you want to be part of the in-crowd, choose gray carpeting.

In years past, beige was the neutral color of choice since it complements other colors. Today, homeowners are much more likely to choose a shade of gray when they opt for neutral carpet flooring that blends well with furnishings and accessories.

In addition, it's easy to find a color to match your decor since there are over 100 shades of gray, including cloud, silver, smoke, and graphite.

3. Consider the amount of natural light in the room when making a color choice.

Very light and dark colors are trendy regardless of which floor covering you choose. But if you favor a contemporary look with light-colored carpet and walls, keep in mind that the room may be too bright if it receives a large amount of natural light.

Conversely, a very dark carpet color in a poorly lit room may be visually unappealing even if balanced with light-colored decor.

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